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  • Kathy Wilson

The Art and Artistry of Writing Blogs

There’s an art to writing a good blog. And as a free-lance writer and mixed media artist, it recently occurred to me that blogs and paintings have a lot in common. You start out staring at a blank screen or canvas. You have a goal in mind. You get organized, gather materials, think about how to approach your subject, and when you feel ready, you dive in. There's sometimes some research involved, often a lot of trial and error as you decide where to begin and figure out what’s working and what’s not, questions like:

  • You have the topic, now where’s the story?

  • How do you explore and illuminate the essence of your subject?

  • How do you make sure the finished product offers clarity and insights?

  • How do you make your blog (or painting) fresh, when there have been so many that have come before it?

  • How do you engage your audience and hold their interest?

  • And when do you know when you’re done?

In the end, it’s all about what you want to say and how you decide to say it. Sometimes less is more, and more is less. This can be a struggle, but it’s also a labor of love, and the journey is always a rewarding part of the process. You learn, experimentation leads to interesting surprises, your thinking evolves, and when you’re done, the end result can be eye-opening, informative, inspiring, even magical.

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