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Top Promotional Giveaways for 2021

It’s the start of a new year and that means it’s time to share our top picks for promotional giveaways! Along with great value, we look for high-quality and re-usability. Now that all our meetings are done over Zoom, we thought it would be fun to highlight products that can liven up the atmosphere and share team spirit.

Check out our top picks for 2021!

Branded Chocolate Bars

What do we like about this giveaway? Everything! It’s chocolate, c’mon! Besides the delicious taste, it’s custom-molded with our logo and our custom-designed wrapper. Chocolate is good any time of year, so whether you’re promoting a campaign or gifting clients, you’re sure to find some occasion to send out these yummy treats!

Cork-Bottom Ceramic Mug

Toast your team mates each morning with this snazzy cork-bottom ceramic mug. We love everything about it!. The cork bottom not only acts as a coaster, but it’s quiet on hard surfaces—so important during Zoom meetings when the mic seems to pick up every sound


Here’s a fun way to promote T-shirt Tuesday! T-shirts continue to be popular giveaway items and this one has been a crowd favorite around here for years. Buttery soft and durable, somehow they get softer with every wash.

Private Eye Lens Cover

This Private Eye Lens Cover has been our most requested giveaway for the last couple of years and 2021 is proving it’s still popular. It adheres firmly over you’re the camera lens on your desktop or laptop computer and slides open or closed easily. With many on our team working side-by-side at home with family members, it was hard keeping these little devices a secret and now they’re on every computer in the household!

Mini Cutting Board

Truth be told, several of us have more than one of these handy little slim-profile cutting boards. We use them for snack- and lunch-time prep—fruits, veggies and cheeses are our favorites. Use them in the kitchen or at your desk. Bonus points for eco-friendly materials!

Need more tried and true ideas? Check out our Giveaways page By ETMG Social Media Team

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