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  • Nancy Langmeyer

Why Hiring a Ghostwriter is a Smart Move

As content remains king of the online world, companies are scrambling to come up with insightful content that establishes their executives as global thought leaders. This can be a seemingly impossible task for many companies. One solution is to hire freelance ghostwriters as a resource for developing strategic and informative content.

In most organizations, there is a big push for blogs, whether they’re posted on your company’s website or on more widely read and prestigious sites like Forbes or Inc. Most PR managers would welcome the chance to pitch an article by a C-level executive to industry publications that discusses an inside track on the latest trends.

When it comes time to create the content, the best of plans often come to a screeching halt. Let’s face it – executives either don’t have the time to sit down and write, or they are not able to effectively create this kind of content on their own.

How a ghostwriter can help

If you’ve never considered bringing in an outside resource like a ghostwriter before, here are several good strategic reasons why you should consider it.

Ghostwriters make it easy and efficient for all.

Ghostwriters can manage the process of blog or article writing from beginning to end. They will interview your executives on a quick 20-30 minute call and capture the content needed to establish a solid point of view (POV). Ghostwriters can also follow up directly with your content experts, gaining their approvals and making any necessary changes before delivering a final version.

Ghostwriters are experts at capturing content owners’ voice.

This is one of the most important reasons to bring a ghostwriter on board – although it might have been a show-stopper for you before now. The truth is that experienced ghostwriters have written hundreds of blogs and articles for high-level executives, so they know exactly how to capture the voice of content owners. During the input calls, a ghostwriter can pick up on the nuances that express an executive’s unique POV – and even more specifically, his or her passion. With these added touches, the content will sound like it came directly from the person’s whose byline is on the article – and not from some anonymous writer.

Ghostwriters do the legwork.

Most ghostwriters are also expert researchers, so they can fact-check or dig up supporting statistics and meaningful industry information that will enrich the content owner’s POV. They can add links to sources for extra search engine boosts, too.

Ghostwriters pitch stories.

Beyond finding data to support the ideas of content owners, ghostwriters also can do in-depth research on the latest market news, trends, and hot topics. They can then pitch stories to you and help you will fill gaps in your media calendar.

Ghostwriters keep your media calendar full.

Getting your executives and high-level managers out in front of the public should not be a one-time thing. Between your ideas and a ghostwriter’s research, you can develop a full year of frequently published content. Timely and continuous publishing of content can help increase your company’s brand as your content owners get more and more recognition in the industry.

Ghostwriters add bandwidth to your resources.

You may have a handful of writers on staff, but if they focus primarily on marketing collateral, then they may not have the right skills to do ghostwriting. After all, not all writers have great people skills and they simply may not be adept at interviewing – however, both of these are a critical part of ghostwriting. And even if they are comfortable in this arena, chances are that they’re too busy to take on the task of writing blogs or articles.

Ghostwriters save you money.

If your need for content is large enough, you could add an additional resource to your staff. But most marketing and PR managers find it’s more economical and just plain easier to have an outside resource fill this need, as you only need to call upon a ghostwriter when extra bandwidth is required.

Ghostwriters save you time.

Here is another efficiency savings: ghostwriters can typically expedite the content creation process because that’s what they do all day long. They have one focus and that is writing.

Ghostwriters are well-respected resources.

Typically, executives are thrilled to have a resource on hand that can help get their voice out there. And good ghostwriters can help you achieve all the benefits listed above. You can rest assured that a skilled ghostwriter will be an addition to your team that you can trust and rely on!

Are you convinced yet? If not, test the waters with one project and one ghostwriter and see how it goes. Ask for a confidential sampling of previous ghostwriting blogs or articles to see if they’re a good fit. Once you engage a ghostwriter, our guess is you’ll find that you get the content you want faster and more effectively than any of your other options.

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